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Parr's Permaculture Design

Sunday, October 3, 2010

12th December 2009 - Journey begins


You'll have to forgive the bulk-email-ness of it all... I put together a list of people I want to keep up-to-date while I'm away: some people I will bump into on the road, some may be relatively close the road, and some people on the list are unforgotten friends in my old home country, England. I have to confess, I'm not coming to the UK this year or next year as I had planned... I recently decided to bail on that idea, and embark on a trip closer to home. This way I can invest my energy into my life & career in Australia, rather than semi-aimlessly galabant around Europe spending all my hard-earned cash... Allow me to explain:

A week ago my housemates and I held a farewell party at my house in Melbourne, saying goodbye to friends near and dear. Yesterday I left Melbourne on a 4 month trip to chase a dream, follow my heart, and bring in the things that have become so important to me. It's a long time to spend away from home but on a personal level it's a pretty epic trip... My return will see me inspired and learned for the next big chapter in my life.
The pinnacle of the trip is a 14-day intensive Permaculture Design Course in Nimbin during January. Around this I have carefully sculpted the other 14 weeks.

I arrived 
Canberra yesterday, for a 5-day holiday before the craziness begins. Canberra's a strange place, I have to say. The city has been meticulously planned (aerial photos make the city look like a maze), a huge man-made lake sits by the government buildings in the centre, and the shopping precinct is a little way away from that, and called 'Civic'. I am staying with my good friend Sacha and his folks.  It's been action packed already here, the highlight being the Walk for Warming we were at this morning. Despite my borrow-bike breaking halfway there (meaning the others had to ride home to get the car to come and get me, and then drive us to the protest), we managed to be a part of the walk. It seemed like a pretty low turnout, maybe 1000 people, which is quite depressing when you think about what it was that we were there for... to ask that the government help us reduce the amount we pollute our earth... I will save you the rant.

CanberraSacha and I head to Brisbane, to stay with a friend there. For the next 10 days, including xmas and NY, I'm onsite at Woodford Folk Festival (my 3rd year in a row). I'm acting as 2nd in charge of the circus tent, plus teaching a heap and having fun a heap too. Straight from the festival I will get a lift to Nimbin, catching up with a couple of friends there before heading to Djanbung Gardens Permaculture Centre. Permaculture is something that I have become incredibly passionate about, as it (amongst other things like producing organic food & harvesting water/energy) can directly help us reduce global warming and move away from our societal addiction to oil. I believe in it wholly as one of the tools that can help us move away from the looming threat we find ourselves facing. For more, check out countless youtube videos:
Search for: 
Bill Mollison (Permaculture); Richard Heinberg (Peak Oil); Rob Hopkins (Transition Towns).  If you want more references, let me know =:o)

After Nimbin I head to the Sydney Juggling Festival for 3 days of blistering fun, then to Hamilton (NZ) to stay with a good friend who lives on a farm in Raglan. Their self-sufficient lifestyle on 30 acres will be a feast for my senses. the family and I all pile into a car and we drive south to Levin for the NZ Juggling Convention. I'm helping run workshops, perform and do some back-end organising for the crew, which earned me a free flight over. My final destination for NZ is Whangarei, North of Auckland, where I will spend 2 weeks hanging with my good friend Drew and his family. the plan is to help him build his house and to implement my first permaculture garden design for the blank space he's left aside. Lastly, I fly to Tasmania where I have been booked as a circus trainer for Slipstream Circus, teaching for 4 solid weeks, before heading back to Melbourne, to my old room in Coburg. 

So that's the plan, and you're all people I've decided to send photos and stories to. If you don't want to get them, or its the wrong email address, or whatever, I won't be upset if you tell me. I will be happy to remove you from this list, amend your details...

I will stick to emailing in bulk, and will occasionally send photos. If you reply I will reply to you personally. If you are in any of the places on my route, get in touch! It would be lovely to see you & hang out! And if you have any ideas about what I might like to do wherever I plan to go, other links to thinsg I should know, please send me a line! If you just wanna say hi, do that too!

I hope this emails finds you well, and I wish you oodles of happiness for Christmas and the New Year.

With love,

Christian xxx

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